Coming Out

We had a couple of J’s friends over for dinner last night to meet T.  All in all, it went very well.  I was happy to be able to introduce T as a part of our family, and even happier that his friends accepted her so readily.  There are other friends for her to meet, and we have talked of doing this, but all things in time I suppose. Overall, it was a very good evening, though I think it might have gone a bit late as we all promptly went to bed once our guests had left.

I spent the majority of the weekend just overcome with compersion.  No real jealousy at all, no feelings of being excluded or overlooked, just a simple happiness at seeing T and J together.  The feeling of being a family, of being at peace with my family, went a long way to help that I’m sure.  We’ve had some upheavals in the past week and were all feeling unsettled for the majority of it.  It was really nice to be able to see T and J snuggled up on the couch and just smile at them and be happy that they were looking so happy together.

T was supposed to be taking a trip in a couple of weeks but her plans seem to have fallen through.  So, given that she has the time off saved up, I’ve invited her to join J and I on a trip to see my family at Christmas.  My son will be home after having graduated AIT and I want to be there to see him.  I am really hoping she’ll come with us.  I don’t like the idea of leaving her behind during the holidays, for one thing, and for another, I want her to be able to meet my family and friends.  As most of them live in another state, it would require all of us to take a trip to visit them for this to happen.

I wish that this world were different than it is.  I wish that she and J could be together openly, whether I’m with them or not.  If not for the potential legal issues, I would be willing to start a campaign to bring government and social recognition to all polyamorous families.  I don’t understand why it is that if I see T as an equal partner in this household, the rest of the world can’t grant her the same standing.  It troubles me, often.