At last, time and energy, at the same time!

Workdays are really pretty lame, overall.  It’s amusing because I read once that people think of a poly family as something of a non-stop orgy and life is so exciting!  In our daydreams, we’re home by lunch time and have an entire afternoon and evening to be together, all three of us or some pairing off or another.  In our daydreams, life is really amazing.  In the real world however, it’s not so fascinating. 

In the real world, we get home, tired from a long day of grinding brains into mush.  We veg and sometimes snuggle for a few.  As T and J are studying for the GRE, they go to study.  Initially we thought an hour a night would do it, but it’s taking most, if not all, of the evening now.  During the first study round, I amuse myself or take a short nap before starting dinner.  I get dinner cooked and we all eat together.  Then T and J handle the kitchen cleanup and head back to the study session.  I figure out something to do so I don’t go insane with boredom and missing them, and tell myself that it’s only a month.

The weekends tend to be more fun.  Before all our camping areas got shut down due to fire hazards (we camp so far out that we need shovels and toilet paper of our own), we were going camping once or twice a month.  Now, there’s the pool, the hot tub, movies, local events, meeting up with friends and so on.  There’s also housework, grocery shopping and scheduling out the next week with who needs to do what and when.  Of course, we make time to snuggle, and we tend to cook more involved meals on the weekends, where everyone helps out.  Weekends are always too short.

T and J are getting excited.  The 4th of July is the anniversary of their meeting.  One year ago, I invited J to come with me and my new roomies to a fireworks display.  Who could have guessed that my obsession with going to see the fireworks would lead to this?  True, they’d have met eventually, but I’m glad that they have a date that they can say "This is when we first met." 

I don’t have that with J.  For one thing, we met online and were friends for years before we met.  For another, I seem to have lost the ticket stubs that said when that visit happened.  Also, we didn’t so much "start dating" or "become a couple" as simply evolve into one.  It doesn’t trouble me that we don’t have a "date" to pin our history to.  Our history has been so amorphous that having a set date would seem anachronistic to it all.  The way things are, it’s as if we’ve just always been together.  No "start date" lets that sense of timelessness continue.

I’d like to be able to do something nice for them for the day, but I’m fresh out of ideas.  Maybe something will occur to me.

In the meantime, it’s almost bedtime again.  One more day of work and then I take myself a four day weekend.  One more grind.  Come on body and brain, let’s get this overwith!

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